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How to Protect Your Business from Social Media

social media

When social media was introduced, businesses were quick to realize its potential in marketing and advertising. In response to this demand, social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube optimized their services to accommodate them. What many do not know is that while it is capable of growing businesses, it also poses threats to their security. The security risks of social media can have devastating effects on any business even if they don’t use it.

Managed Security Services: The Latest Trend in Information Security

managed security services

Advancements in technology do not come without a price – the corporate environment is increasingly becoming vulnerable to cyber-attacks. To protect themselves from these threats, companies are turning to managed security services.

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Everything You Need to Know About Cloud Storage

Talk about cloud storage, a relatively new technology that’s sweeping businesses and consumers by storm. In spite of its rising popularity and increasing use, many don’t know what cloud is or how it works. We’re here to give you a quick and easy guide on everything you need to know about cloud storage.

5 Proven Ways to Protect Data from Tracking

5 Proven Ways to Protect Data from Tracking

As of 2016, it is estimated that nearly 89 percent of the American population use the internet. It is unfortunate that most cases of identity theft and stolen payment information happen on the internet as well. This shouldn’t be a surprise, really. Considering that tracking usually occurs on network servers, you as an the average user can only do little to protect data. But that isn’t to say that keeping your data secure is impossible.

WaveStrong Inc.

loading-iconFounded in 2001, WaveStrong is an industry leader in enterprise and cloud information security consulting services. We pride ourselves on our best of breed security solutions and services that span a myriad of government, education and business verticals. Our staff is comprised of both certified technical and business professionals who can help you successfully navigate complexities of planning, design, implementation and management of securing data. Our approach is vendor agnostic giving our customers the freedom to choose the best customized security model for their business.

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What Our Clients Say

WaveStrong has delivered great service above and beyond which has led to a successful implementation of our database encryption solution. I would definitely engage Harpreet and his team again on another deployment of this solution and/or others.

Isabelle Theisen CISO, Advantage - Credco

WaveStrong was hired for their in-depth knowledge of Unix systems and good understanding of Oracle databases. They were instrumental in supporting large complex systems hosting business critical applications. They have a great team and committed to their work. A true IT professional who's always willing to go the extra mile. It was a pleasure working with WaveStrong. I knew I could always count on them. A great resource to have on any project and I highly recommend them.

Harjinder SinghSr. Technology Manager - Wells Fargo Bank

Harpreet and his company WaveStrong were instrumental and key partners in helping me and Kaiser define an enterprise strategy on how to formulate, develop and implement and enterprise strategy to handle the most critical areas for Security and Regulatory Compliance. As part of this effort, WaveStrong team proved themselves as an extremely valuable team, thought leaders as well as excellent partners for the creation of a $200 million dollars portfolio of investment initiatives to address the 2008 and beyond requirements. I could always rely on Harpreet and his company to be a reliable source for a wealth of information and support. By far they have been one of the most knowledgeable leaders in the security space that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I certainly look forward to future opportunities where we can work together.

Hassan SharifRegional Information Officer - Kaiser Permanente

I asked WaveStrong to come in and help redirect our overall IT security strategy and revitalize a series of project to implement badly needed security features to protect our information assets. WaveStrong brought together a crack team, fixed broken project execution, reordered work efforts to optimize resources, and ultimately delivered the entire project mix on time - and in several cases - returned millions of unused $'s to the company.

David WatsonEx-CTO - Kaiser Permanente

WaveStrong is a proven expert in the world of IT & Corporate Security Consulting. They have built one of the best, fine tuned security consulting practices on the west coast that operates with the highest degree of integrity. I have engaged them and will continue to engage WaveStrong on our most critical projects because I know they will get things done in the most professional way possible.

Darin DickSr. Regional Sales Manager - Safenet, Inc.

I have worked with WaveStrong in these areas: Technical Consultant, Professional Services and Sales Partner. Harpreet, the CEO of WaveStrong, traveled to Japan to support Sales and Marketing efforts in the financial market sector for Ingrian. They delivered high quality and on time Professional Services for 5 companies that purchased Ingrian DataSecure products. Using their industry knowledge in Health Care and Financial Services, we were able to achieve multi-million dollar sales in one top five Consumer Bank and Health Care Company. WaveStrong is a pleasure to work with and I received very positive feedback from all client engagements.

Gene PaschallDirector Worldwide Channel Sales - Ingrian Networks

WaveStrong was recommended to us to support our migration efforts on our AIX platforms. They have a great deal of knowledge dealing with the enterprise environment when implementing the IBM/AIX High Availability environment. They are very thorough and deliver great documentation to back their suggestions / recommendations.

Bob GrahamEx-CTO - Smart and Final Stores

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